On Wednesday, May 23 at 15:00, a seminar of our guest Konstantin Benken from the Centre for Microscopy and Microanalysis of the St. Petersburg State University will be held at the UCSU “Modern Nanotechnologies” on the topic: “Confocal microscopy in biology”. All are invited to attend.

The conference, dedicated to topical issues in the physics of ferroelectrics, was held in a combined format: some of the oral and poster presentations were presented online. Among 200 participants (65 full-time and 135 online) scientists from six countries (Belarus, Germany, Israel, Canada, Portugal, Czech Republic) and 19 Russian cities (Moscow, Voronezh, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg, Dolgoprudny, Pushchino, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov -on-Don, Apatity, Krasnoyarsk, Taganrog, Blagoveshchensk, Kursk, Tver, Volgograd, Makhachkala, Tomsk, Cherepovets). 25 invited reports of leading scientists and 40 oral reports were listened with great interest. Young scientists and graduate students summarized the results of their research in 25 short oral reports. All participants actively discussed 128 reports of the poster section. It has become a good tradition for suppliers and manufacturers of modern research equipment to participate, who spoke about the latest devices and acted as sponsors of the conference.

The Ural Center for Collective Use “Modern Nanotechnologies” of the Ural Federal University will receive 75 million rubles for the purchase of expensive analytical and technological equipment. A three-year grant from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation will ensure the comprehensive development of the infrastructure for research activities, increase the level of accessibility and increase the efficiency of its use.